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66% of LGBT young people suffer from bullying at school.
58% of them never report it. And half of them skip school as a result.

In schools where homophobic bullying is tackled, LGBT students are 60% less likely to be bullied.

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Our vision is a world where all children and young people can live, learn, grow and play safely, regardless of issues relating to gender and sexuality.

Why does it matter?

LGBT youth are six times more likely to commit suicide. Two thirds of them suffer bullying at school. They don't have an adult to talk to at home or school. We all know bullied kids can't focus on learning and achievement.

But it's not just LGBT young people. Straight students are terrified of being called 'gay'. Girls drop out of sport and boys hide artistic talent to conform to gender roles and avoid being labelled gay or lesbian. And what about the kids who have LGBT family members? Do they feel safe talking about their loved ones openly?

This issue affects ALL young people. Someone needs to talk to them about diversity; it's a difficult topic. We accept this challenge.

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How we help

Diversity Role Models is an initiative aimed at helping schools eradicate homophobic bullying and provide a safe environment for their LGBT students and families.

We are a charity that puts role models in front of young people to talk about acceptance and respect for diversity. These role models may be LGBT themselves, or they may be straight allies, who often send an even more powerful message.


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Making our mark

We have some really great case studies, quotes, statistics and feedback to share from our workshops. Take a look at our school map to see who we have helped and what they have said about their experience of Diversity Role Models.